Growing Lettuce

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Growing lettuce

A quick and easy crop to grow Lettuce is ideal to grow both in containers and the veg wheel barrow easy to grow lettuce

Lettuce is easy to germinate, although the seed is quite small to handle. Germinate in early spring, March or April in a warm area either under glass or with some gentle heat in a propagator. Once germinated the seedlings needs thinning, which means reducing by pulling out extra seedlings to leave several well spaced seedlings and removing the other seedlings which are over crowding the main plants. The seedlings can be planted outside in late April, early May.

You can also sow direct into a container outside or the veg plot in late April, May and June keeping an eye on the weather. Depending on the summer you can sow throughout and  when growing lettuce it needs regular sowing; fortnightly is a good rule of thumb and easy to remember. Sow just under the soil surface and always water after sowing. When growing Lettuce it is imporant to keep a watch on the small seedings after germiantion because if there is a dry spell they are prone to drying out and will die.

It does take a bit of time to sow, and thin out lettuce seedlings, to avoid this buy suitable plug plants from the garden centre/on line and plant out in the same way.

Lettuce can be grown on late in the season into September  & October if cloche protected. Lettuce is not hardy so all early and late plants need frost protection.

Now when growing lettuce there is a great choice all the favourites, loose leaves, cut and come again, lollorosso, iceburg and rocket along with various more exotic mixes avaiable and all grown in the same way. There are so many varieties on the market its hard to chose, picking a AGM (Award of Garden Merit) is always a good starting point such as 'Little Gem' , 'LolloRosso', 'Salad Bowl'

Problems when growing Lettuce

When growing lettuce an eye to the slugs is essential. Tender growing lettuce shoots are caviar to the slugs so protect. Tips on how to beat the slugs- in the veg garden I prefer either organic slug pellets, beer traps  and often a combination of the two can be most effective. 

Apart from slugs, the main problem when growing lettuce is that it can bolt which is to flower and go to seed prematurely which puts and end to the lettuce as it is inedible. Bolting is caused mainly by the long days of light and heat, so it tends to occur mid summer. There isn't anything which can be done to avoid it but  regular sowing should mean there is another crop soon to come along.  Lettuce prefer slightly cooler conditions so Lettuce  is one of the few veg which can be grown in partial shade.


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