Winter flowering Jasmine


Winter flowering  nudiflorum Winter flowering Jasmine nudiflorum



Winter flowering Jasmine is a popular climbing plant which is easy to grow and flowers from November to March. This yellow variety illustrated  is Jasminum nudiflorum, commonly sold on line and in garden centers. It is fully hardy and matures to growth of 3m tall and width,  with arching branches which will create a mound.  Winter flowering Jasmine will grow in semi shade but flowers best in sun tolerant of any soil including dry sites and poor soils.

It is deciduous with dark green leaves and unlike other Jasmines, (which tend not to be fully hardy) it is not scented.

Winter flowering Jasmine needs very little attention which means it is very easy to grow. It does not demand pruning, although as the plant matures pruning is helpful to tidy it up abit and to contain the plant within its allotted space. It can get a bit untidy and pruning will help to keep it in shape. Jasmine is group 2 for pruning; this means it needs to be pruned after flowering which means it needs to be pruned in early spring. Take out diseased or spindly branches and  thin out if it is becoming to large and you can safely take out up to 20% of the plant grow annually. If you are going to prune Jasmine nudiflorum it is important to do it after flowering, later in the year you may remove the branches on which next years flowers are forming and prevent it flowering. Equally ,you can leave winter flowering Jasmine to it's own devices to ramble and only cut back periodically if it is becoming over grown; it is really very easy to grow.

If Jasmine has become overgrown or exceeded it's allotted space winter flowering Jasmine will tolerate renovating pruning and can be cut back hard to 60 cms. This may result in little or no flowers for the first year or so until it re grows.

Jasmine nudiflorum has the rhs_agm_logo-75x75RHS garden merit award which is a kite mark for reliability when selecting a garden plant. It is tolerant of most soils and conditions and will not sulk if neglected which makes it very easy to grow. Winter Jasmine will brighten up gloomy corners of the garden in winter.  For all these reasons it is also a green wheelbarrow plant indicting it is easy to grow. green wheel barrow easy to grow