How to grow Aquilegia Columbine

Aquilegia 'swan lavender' Aquilegia vulgaris Aquilegia vulgaris 'Nora Barlow'


How to grow Aquilegia common name Columbine

green wheelbarrow easy to growAquilegia are an easy to grow, spring flowering perennial.  They require very little attention and are not fussy about their growing conditions which is why they are labelled green wheelbarrow indicating easy to grow. Aquilegia have attractive leaves at the base of the plant, with a long stem supporting delicate flowers as shown in the images. The image far left shows the Aquilegia 'Swan lavender' with variegated Euonymus, and a deciduous yellow rhododendron, a lovely spring combination which is really bright and yellow. 

Aquilegia mixes well with other plants and shrubs and are a good spring flowering plant. When growing Aquilegia best to note that they are a self seeding plant, easy to remove where not wanted but once Aquilegia are established they do seed across the garden.

In common with some Hellebores, their flower heads tend to hang down which can make it difficult to see the delicate beauty of the flower heads. Although the foliage on Aquilegia  fades and dies back they are not a true herbaceous perennial which dies back  completely to bare earth in the winter. After spring flowering the leaves become pale and are best cut off and the plant will  grow fresh foliage in late summer /autumn. One advantage of Aquilegia is they flower reliably year after year. Aquilegia grow to around 60-70 cms,  which suggests when growing Aquilegia they are best placed in the middle of the border in terms of height.

There is a scented variety called Aquilegia 'fragrans' which has white /cream flowers. There are many varieties to chose from and all Aquilegia flower from spring until early summer.

Where to plant Aquilegia

Aquilegia are a versatile plant which can be grown in sun and semi shade and  grow best in a light soil, but this is by no means essential. There  is little else to be noted by way of growing conditions, as Aquilegia is an unfussy plant.   Aquilegia are very easy to grow. The less there is to say about a plant the easier the plant to grow;  it's clear from this short description that Aquilegia is an easy to grow, reliable garden plant, and it is fully hardy H7 .

Aquilegia are a lovely spring plant as these images show.

pretty group of Aquilegia Colourful mixed group of Aquilegia Aquilegia caerulea 'Blue star'
Aquilegia alpina in a group Aquilegia delicate pink flowers Aquilegia foliage


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