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Owls in winter

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At this time of year the sound of owls calling and hooting in the sharp winter air is magical. I am always amazed and delighted to hear an Owl. I may often hear them but rarely see them. Tawny Owls are amongst the most common and this is shown in the image, very beautiful.

Tawny Owls tend to live and stay in the same territory which means the pair which live within audio distance to our house can be heard quite regularly. 

The RSPB advise that the sound of the Tawny Owl, the familiar  to-wit, kewit followed by to-woo, hooo is in fact two Owls the female first followed by the male response.

This link to You tube is of Owl audio. The reason there is no video footage of Owls is because it was pitch dark and nothing to be seen, just the sound of Owls hooting alongside a stream.


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