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Monthly Gardening Tips for July 2015 

including more tomato tips, dealing with rose suckers and the essential summer prune of Wisteria 

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Plant of the month


Achillea a lovely perennial mixes well with many border plants and easy to grow. Wide range of colours with attractive feathered foliage.




Grow your own vegetables


Still time to sow basil and other summer herbs outside for the summer and then bring inside in autumn where they will carry on happily on a sunny window sill or conservatory. Hints and ideas on growing herbs.



  Thalictrum delavayi

 Thalictrum lovely tall back of the border herbaceous perennial and easy to grow with attractive white or mauve fluffy flower heads. Growing tips and plant combinations with Thalictrum

  Lettuce and rocket

Give supermarket bagged salad a miss. Lettuce is easy to grow and lovely freshly picked with a great variety to choose from and very suitable for growing in containers.



Top ten veg tips