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The Sunday Gardener provides free online help. If you  would like to identify a plant, or need planting suggestions or advice on growing vegetables contact the Sunday Gardener. 

Join thousands in the Big Butterfly count between 19.07-10.08.2014

Deadheading a quick 10 mins

Gardening Calendar for July

     Looking after Pots and Toms

     July is the time to water and feed and stop off growth on Toms more tips on growing tomatoes

 Making the best of Sweet Peas

How to Rescue a  slug eaten bedding plant

What to do about potato blight

Clematis a garden favourite plant for information on growing  and pruning Clematis  video on how to plant Clematis 

If you have just 10mins deadhead plants to keep your garden flowering longer


Plant of the Month

agapanthus flowers

Agapanthus lovely showy plants which come back each year Growing tips    
 At their best now sweet peas
 How to grow Climbing Plants  









Grow your own Vegetables

tomatoes in greenhouse
 Home grown cucumbers are delicious, cruncy and juicy and so easy to grow

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