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Monthly Gardening Tips for March 2015

March is a pruning month tips on what to prune

Advise on pruning Clematis and Wisteria  important to keep plants flowering

 Ready steady sow- March is time to starting sowing

Gardening ideas and what to do in March

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Plant of the month

Primula veris

Primula Veris native cowslip lovely fragrant flowers and member of the large Primula family with species flowering from spring to early summer

Grow your own vegetables

Emerging Bean

March is a good time to start seeding all kinds of vegetables

  Viburnum x carlcephalum

Viburnum x carlcephalum easy to grow scented shrub flowering in the spring. There are many easy varities of Viburnum for a shrub border

Garlic for planting

Time to plant Garlic for hints and advise



Top ten veg tips

Growing Vegetables in Containers





Winter gardening tips                     What does 'frost hardy' mean?