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February, and it is still cold, frosty damp and raining, with just a tinge of spring in the air. Plenty of time for planning the garden  and veg plot from the comfort of a warm armchair. 

If there is a mild spell, time to check the greenhouse and open the vents, and let the air in. The main problem overwintering plants is not so much the cold, but the still and damp air which causes Botrytis, grey mold

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Catch a short piece of Owl audio magical sound of gentle hooting stream side. 

The Sunday Gardener's Feburary Calendar has seasonal advice and tips

One of the earliest flowering Clematis, C. cirrhosa 'Freckles' an evergreen winter flowering variety which needs to be planted in a sheltered spot with some winter protection. Clematis flower all the year round and there are many varieties to choose from, including as patio plants.

Winter is a good time to plan the veg plot and buy seeds to germinate, under cover, early in the year. Next month is the time to start sowing under glass, which makes February the time for planning and buying. Ideas on what to grow 2017, and tips on germination.

Flowering Wisteria may seem a long way away, but February is the time to winter prune wisteria. And pruning is key to getting Wisteria to flower. Lots of tips and video advice on pruning and growing Wisteria.

And to keep us busy, its also the time for pruning Clematis groups 2 and 3; lots of information about pruning and groups including videos check out you Tube

 Spring bulbs are starting to flower. Although snowdrops are one of the earliest bulbs, the warm winter means that daffodils are already in bloom in many more sheltered areas. There are a great variety of spring bulbs and tips on why bulbs don't flower.

Check out the newsletter with information on visiting that great bulb garden, Keukenhof near Amsterdam in Holland.

Climbing Plants are great to add interest and height in a border. Many climbing plants are easy to grow and there is advice and video on how to plant and grow the ever popular Clematis

Information about selecting and growing Flowering Plants, Shrubs and Bushes.

Struggling to identify a shrub or plant?

Send an image to the Sunday Gardener for help

Gardening tips and help on how to grow all sorts of vegetables and inspiring images of vegetable in some of our best RHS and show gardens on Pinterest.

More than ever gardening is about being greener and helping wildlife. Ideas about wildlife friendly plants and plants for bees  and butterflies which are easy to grow and will ensure your garden has a buzz.


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