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The Sunday Gardener provides free online gardening advise. 

There are pages on growing plants, shrubs and vegetables.

Plants for the shade, scented plants and plants suitable for the sea side.

If you would like help to identify a plant, or planting suggestions and advice on growing vegetables contact the Sunday Gardener. 



Monthly gardening calendar

Gardening Calendar for August

August is the time to prune Wisteria for advise and video

Keep watering and feeding Toms tips on growing tomatoes 

Going on holiday? Tips for looking after plants 

Tips on Harvesting onions shallots and garlic

What to do with tired and unsightly looking perennials 

Harvest main crop potatoes


September is just around the corner Gardening calendar and advise


Plant of the Month

Growing plantshydrangea-macrophylla-merveille-browing-in-cap--roig-spain

Hydrangeas are in full flower now and easy to grow and now is a good time to plant for next year Growing tips     Butterfly on Buddleja
Buddleja known as the butterfly bush a lovely easy to grow shrub which looks great in a mixed border and good for wildlife too.
How to grow Climbing Plants  









Grow your own Vegetables

Growing Vegetablesgarlic

By late August it should be  time to  harvest onions and garlic  and it is important to  keep looking after  Tomatoes     growingcucumbers

 Home grown cucumbers are delicious, crunchy and juicy and so easy to grow and are in abundance now

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