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Monthly Gardening Tips for September 2015

Tips on storing onions and garlic;  last chance for the essential summer prune of Wisteria. A fool proof way to ripen tomatoes and tips on how to overwinter tender plants. Time to plant spring bulbs

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Plant of the month


Achillea a lovely perennial mixes well with many border plants and easy to grow. Achillea come in a wide range of colours  and have attractive feathered foliage.  Once established they are trouble free although a short lived perinnal . 

Grow your own vegetables


There is still time to sow basil and other summer herbs outside for a short while  and then bring inside in autumn where they be happy to overwinter on a sunny window sill or conservatory. Hints and ideas on growing herbs.



It is easy to overlook the humble Buddleja because it is commonly grown. There are many varieties far more attractive than those on railway sidings and wonderful for wildlife 


Late August and September is a good time to harvest onions and garlic. It is essential to dry the bulbs completely before storage - ideas and tips on drying onions and how to make garlic plaits



Top ten veg tips