Plants for Shade

  Shady areas can present more of a challenge for successful planting. Books, magazines and TV all make it look so easy, when in reality getting plants to grow can be tricky. The saying "the right plant in the right place" comes true, especially when planting into a shady area. To have a good chance of the plant growing well it must be suited to the conditions, and shade is an important factor to take into account. 

 The plants on this page, and the various links, are all plants which either prefer shade, or will adapt to growing in it and many are easy to grow. In addition, not specifically listed,  but well worth checking out there are some Roses and Clematis which have been bred to grow in partial shade by the specialist growers, and these plants have been bred to tolerate shade even roses. I have successfully grown a lemon coloured rose in a very shady area in the garden which was purchased from David Austin Roses and specifically recommended to grow in shade, which it did.  There are many plants which thrive in shade which means the shady areas of the garden can be just as attractive as the sunny borders. Illustrated below are a range of plants and shrubs which will grow well in the shade and another page which looks at plants and shrubs well suited to damp shade.

Good plants for shade